Lillian is an audio picture-book that also takes the likeness of a concept album. Led by composer and producer Terry Peng, the project was first conceptualised in early 2014, and started to take its form later that year, when Hina Fujimoto became the project's leading artist. Joined by a group of talented and beautifully obscure composers (Yupo Chen, Shuzhen Chan, Josh Anderson, Luci Holland, Jacob Pernell, and Stuart Hosking), the team set out to craft Lillian's musical journey.

The project was created in an attempt to explore the relationships between imagery and music, and how they relate to each other in order to tell a story. It follows a girl and her companion who journeys through an unknown world in search of something. The story is divided into 7 chapters, and replacing the words, the story of the picture-book is told with 7 pieces of music. Each track is a composer's interpretation of a chapter from our protagonist's bizarre journey.

The process of creating Lillian, and its storytelling aspects are very unique - whilst creating the story, the artist and all composers involved were never given the full picture of what the story is about. Instead, all they were given was the overall theme, some keywords, and a project brief include the collaboration guidelines.

For the illustrations, the overall theme was given to the artist, and the rest were left for her to improvise and nurture them into 7 illustrations that act as chapters for the title character's journey. The illustrations were then distributed randomly to the composers as inspiration for them to compose a piece of music.

For the music, and in addition to their visual influence, the composers were also each asked to use the music composed for the page before theirs, by the previous composer, as a source of inspiration. They were asked to reflect on and consider continuity or discontinuity in relation to the previous composer's piece. What these elements have created, is a story told with individuals' voices, and their interpretations of the narrative chapter before theirs. 

But for now, we would like to invite you to embark on this journey with us and Lillian - and only with your help, can we finally realise Lillian and bring her story to life. After 4 years, the project is finally ready to enter the post production phase. We are currently setting up a crowdfunding campaign that will serve as a pre-ordering platform, which will commence in the beginning of 2019. 

So if you are interested in our work, or if you know someone who may enjoy our work - please share it with them, because without a listener, the story cannot be told, and we want to share it with you.

Stick around - we will be updating the website and our social media accounts with news, teasers and more insights on the project, so if you like to find out more, please subscribe to our mailing list below. We will update you with new information when we launch the campaign. You can also get in touch using the form provided below if you have questions or business enquiries. We would love to hear from you!

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Team Lillian.

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Lillian 是一本結合概念專輯元素的音樂繪本。由作曲家兼製作人 Terry Peng 發起,這項企劃的概念於 2014 年初萌芽,並在負責插畫的藝術家 Hina Fujimoto 參與製作後逐漸成形。其團隊包括一群才華洋溢、出色且低調的作曲家 (Yu-Po Chen, Shuzhen Chan, Josh Anderson, Luci Holland, Jacob Pernell, Stuart Hosking),共同著手打造這趟屬於莉莉安的音樂之旅。


創作 Lillian 的過程與其故事敘述方式皆十分獨特 - 創作故事時,參與企劃的插畫家與各個作曲家從未得以一窺故事全貌。他們只知道大略的主題與些許關鍵字,以及取得一份包含合作方針的企劃概要。



現在,我們想邀請您與我們和莉莉安一同搭上這趟旅程 - 只有在您的協助下,我們才能實現 Lillian 並賦予這個故事生命。經過了四年,這項企劃終於準備好進入後製階段。我們目前正在設立一個群眾募資計畫,並將其作為實體預購的管道。群眾募資計畫將於 2019 年初啟動。

倘若您對我們的作品有興趣,或認識可能會喜歡我們作品的親朋好友 - 請分享給他們知道,因為若沒有聽眾,故事便無法開始,而我們希望能與您分享這部作品。

請多來逛逛 - 我們將持續更新官方網站與我們社群媒體平台的內容,並提供最新消息、預告與更多企劃背後的構思。若想獲得更多情報,只要訂閱下方的電子報即可。我們會在群眾募資計畫啟動時通知各位。任何疑問或工作洽詢,請以下方提供的表格聯絡我們。我們期待收到您的訊息!


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